Kylie Jenner Sent Jacqueline Jossa A WhatsApp Video And She Was Understandably Shook

Well, wouldn't you be too?

If you’re not an avid Eastenders fan, you may not have been too familiar with Jacqueline Jossa before she entered I’m A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here. But since then, she had obviously won over the hearts of the nation as she was crowned Queen of the Jungle. Since then, Jacqueline’s  had to deal with a whole new level of fame altogether. Well, she’s friends with Caitlyn Jenner, for crying out loud.

This morning, Jacqueline appeared on Capital FM with her former camp mate Roman Kemp, to talk about her post jungle life and let the listeners in on a pretty big, not to mention life changing, moment. When Caitlyn asked for her phone number, which then led to Kylie sending Jacqueline a video. You know, a completely normal, everyday kind of thing.

“I was standing next to Caitlyn at the afterparty and she was like, ‘Oh, hey give me your number.’ And I was like, ‘Oh my god! She’s asked for my number!’

“I was, like, really cas[ual] just gave it to her, thinking she’s done that cleverly so I don’t ask for hers, so I’ll never have hers.”

Jacqueline continued: “And then she did the whole ‘It’s Caitlyn’ and texted me so then I had hers. And I was like, ‘Oh my god!’ just cas, cas, just save it as Caitlyn and don’t put Jenner, you know, all of that…”

“The day I got home I got a message from her, a video, and it was her just like, ‘Hey Jungle Jaq! Hope you got home OK!’ and then she was like ‘I’ve got someone here that wants to congratulate you!’

“Then literally Kylie, looking like a goddess, no make-up on either, she just looks amazing – she peered over and she was like ‘Jacqueline!’ She said my name in an American accent and it was just incredible.

“She was like, ‘Thanks for beating my dad! You’ve done so well, I’ve heard so much about you!’”

Well, shook is not the word.


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