Lads, Terry’s Chocolate Orange Is Launching A White Chocolate Edition

This is fantastic news for the weekend.

Only recently, when discussing the return of the highly anticipated orange Twirl, we chatted about how orange chocolate is like marmite. Those who hate it don’t go near it, but those who love it, worship it.

And as orange choccy worshipers here in STELLAR HQ, we danced in delight about the Cadbury Twirl news and in similar vein, we’re thrillit to hear that Terry’s is following suit with another limited edition orange chocolate offering, bringing out a WHITE CHOCOLATE orange.

Yep, it’s the news that could potentially aid some of our feelings towards 2020.

Breaking the news online, Terry’s wanted to make sure we need this year on a high note, revealing that they’re bringing the chocolate back just in time for Christmas.

Yes, I know it’s far too early to even mention the word Christmas, but it was them, not us, we promise.

“It’s less than 130 days until Christmas so we’ve got an early present for you… THE WHITE BALL IS BACK! Go out and grab two, one for yourself and one for a friend. You fiendishly fine friend, you.”


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You hear that, less than 130 days. OK, wow, enough of that now.

But yes, great chocolate news.