Lady Gaga Was Spotted Out And About With Her New Boyfriend, CEO Michael Polansky

Honestly? We're just delighted for her.


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We all know that Lady Gaga hasn’t had the easiest life (she recently opened up to Oprah about mental health and PTSD), and after a roller coaster few years, it seems she might be settling down. With someone who isn’t Bradley Cooper, like we were all led to believe during the ‘A Star Is Born’ saga.

Let’s back track a little to New Year’s Eve when Lady Gaga was spotted kissing some guy as the clock struck midnight. A video of the kiss was shared on Twitter, of course, but we didn’t know the identity of this mystery man.

Then, fast forward a little and Gaga was spotted with her mystery man yet again on a balcony in Miami. Now, according to US Weekly, he’s not exactly a mystery man anymore. Meet Michael Polanksy, Harvard graduate (nonetheless) and CEO of Parker Media. And that’s pretty much all we know, but Gaga is one to keep her relationships private, and he doesn’t seem like the type of guy who’s going to posting personal snaps of late night pizza on his LinkedIn.

Before this, Lady Gaga was dating audio engineer Dan Horton, after working closely on music together. According to US Weekly, a source said “They’re working very closely together at a home studio in Hollywood, and sparks just started flying….They seem like a pretty good match.” Although they ended shortly after, thanks to Dan being immature, with the same source explaining, “Dan was not mature enough for her. Gaga does want to date again.”

So really, we’re just pure delighted for her. Who doesn’t need a little more love in their lives, after all?


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