Lady Gaga’s Ex Taylor Kinney Has Been Spotted In Dublin With A Fade Street Star

Two worlds collide.

We were pretty much devastated when we heard that Lady Gaga and her fiance Taylor Kinney decided to call it quits. While Gaga moved on for a time with Christian Carino, we were not ready for Taylor to be papped in Dublin with a Fade Street star.

The Chicago Fire actor was spotted on St Stephen’s Green and Grafton Street alongside Melina Skvortsova.

You may remember Melina from her time on Fade Street where she worked on our very own Stellar Magazine. Well, since then, she’s managed to get to know Taylor.


There was no PDA or looks of love between the pair, so maybe they’re just great pals.

Melina has been sharing photos and videos on her Instagram staying in a gorgeous suite in the Merrion, enjoying the music on Grafton street and enjoying Guinness and dinner in FX Buckley with three others. Conveniently though, we can’t see the faces of the men in her insta stories. hmmm.

Melina’s Instagram stories

It may be a beautiful friendship or maybe they’re about to announce themselves as one very good looking couple. All we can say is we definitely didn’t expect that Lady Gaga’s ex would be in Dublin with a Fade Street star.

Updates as they come…


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