Landon Barker Divides Fans Over ‘Awkward’ Baby Brother Comments

He doesn't seem too thrilled about the new arrival.

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Life is probably pretty surreal if Travis Barker is your dad.

You’re already famous by default, but you’re about to be catapulted even further into the limelight when your dad decides to marry a Kardashian!

Landon Barker, Travis’ eldest son, most likely didn’t expect for his dad to have a baby with Kourtney Kardashian when most of his kids are already grown up.

Nonetheless, the 20 year old influencer has had to welcome a new brother – and it seems like he’s not overjoyed by the fact.


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While chatting on SiriusXM TikTok Radio, host Jess Lucero said to Landon, “I did see a TikTok about you wanting to be the only Barker boy.”

Jess was referencing a clip from the Zach Sang show, where Landon made an appearance.

Landon had said on the podcast that while he was excited, he had hoped to be the “only Barker boy.”

“We’re almost 20 years apart, so I feel like our lives are gonna be very different,” he said at the time, adding, “Kinda wish it was a girl though…Wish I was the only Barker boy.”

He made sure to stress that it’s “not a competition…but there is another boy, unfortunately.” Yikes!


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When Jess asked Landon about the comments he had made, he replied, “Now I feel like I can’t say that, you know what I mean?

“But I totally was rooting for a little girl,” he confessed.

When asked if he found it weird to have a new baby around, Landon confessed that he hasn’t held his little brother yet…and his phrasing was a little awkward.

I actually haven’t even held it,” he said. Ouch!


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Some fans were mortified by Landon’s use of the word “it”, instead of saying ‘the baby’, ‘Rocky’ (his name), or even just ‘him’.

Many flooded the comments saying his words were “cringeworthy” and “awkward”.

One TikTok user wrote, “He’s so jealous of the baby it’s sad. ‘It’ he knew what he was saying.”

Another commented “someone seems a little bitter about not being the only Barker boy”.


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However, other fans jumped to Landon’s defence, empathising with how difficult it must be to have your dad start a new family.

I think his reaction is pretty normal, if my mom or dad was still having kids 20+ years after I was born I’d be pretty annoyed too,” said one user.

Others chimed in that Travis probably has conflicted feelings about the whole thing, and that he isn’t obligated to interact with the baby.

It’s an awkward one, alright. You do you, Landon – but maybe next time use Rocky’s name!