Laura Whitmore Says Lockdown Gave Her Healing Time After ‘Traumatic Situations’

'I mean, this year feels about 10 years...'


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Laura Whitmore has opened up on her experience with living in lockdown, saying that she is grateful to have been able to take some time out after what has been a very difficult year for her so far.

Speaking with Grazia magazine, Laura says that she has welcomed a slower pace of life in recent months, allowing herself to have time to heal.

“At the start of lockdown, I weirdly kind of liked it,” she said.

“I mean, this year feels about 10 years and I spent so much of the beginning of the year back and forth on the plane to Africa, with Love Island.”


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In January of this year, Laura took on the role of temporary host to hit TV show Love Island, while original host of the show, Caroline Flack, dealth with personal issues. During Laura’s time hosting, the world got news of the untimely death of Caroline, turning Laura’s world upside down at the loss of a great friend.

Laura says that she is now grateful to have had the opportunity to take time away from her career and the real-world, allowing her to process her trauma in private.

“(I was) on the go, not having time to deal with things, obviously going through really traumatic situations. So, actually, to be home for so long was really good.”


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Laura has however been working on promoting her upcoming short film Sadbh, which tells the story of a young mother struggling to cope.

“When it comes to having children or not having children, I don’t think we realise how many women have to deal with things quietly,” Laura said.

“So many women will go through something really big. And then they’ll have to pretend everything’s okay and get up on stage or look after their other kids or go to work. And they don’t talk about things.”

Laura experienced a miscarriage herself back in 2018, recently opening up about her experience, Laura said that it was a difficult and confusing time for her.

“I hadn’t planned the pregnancy in the first place, so should I be sad? I was. That feeling was heightened because I felt I had to be sad alone: apart from a handful of people, no one knew.”


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