Lauren From Fifth Harmony Has Been ARRESTED For Carrying Weed Onto A Flight


Five have become four in Fifth Harmony, at least until Lauren Jauregui is back on the right side of the law.

The singer was arrested last night at Dulles Airport in Washington for possession of marijuana. Lauren was passing through airport security when a member of staff pulled her aside for a “secondary search,” according to TMZ. A bag of what appeared to be marijuana was found in her carry-on luggage, and moments later she was arrested by on-site airport police.


Lauren was en route to Brazil for a Fifth Harmony gig set to take place tonight at the Vevo Fun Pop Festival, but it looks like she’ll have to sit this one out. A criminal record could greatly impact Lauren’s ability to get travel visas and move freely between countries, so expect some rejigging of Fifth Harmony’s upcoming tour dates. Luckily the band have already covered off most of their 7/27 World Tour dates, including a string of gigs in the US, South America and Europe.

It’s not the first time Lauren has been wrapped up in controversy of late. Last month she came under fire on social media for tweeting an article claiming to link vaccines to autism. “PS this info doesn’t mean I am anti vaccinations, well aware there are many that are absolutely necessary. Just a mind probing article,” she wrote later, before eventually deleting both tweets.

No word yet on whether Lauren will face jail time for her weed arrest, but either way there’s no doubt a bumpy ride ahead for her.