Lewis Capaldi Has This To Say About His Ex Showing Up On Love Island

"It would have been nice to have a heads up!"

By now, all Love Island viewers are aware that new contestant Paige Turley used to date Lewis Capaldi.

The 22-year-old singer has mentioned her famous ex more than a few times, even fuelling rumours that she’s the subject of his biggest hit, Someone You Loved.

“One of my ex-boyfriends is in the limelight. He may possibly be… Lewis Capaldi,” she said in her introductory video. “According to the papers, they think the song Someone You Loved is about me – if that’s the case, Lewis, I’m so sorry.”

We haven’t heard Lewis’ side of the story… until now.

Appearing on New Zealand show The Edge, the Scottish singer was asked about his relationship with Paige, and what he thought of her turn on Love Island.

“I’ve known her for years. [We were] 18 when we first met, 19 when we started going out, 20 when we finished going out,” he said. “It was very amicable, the split.”

She never told me she was going on it. It would have been nice to get a heads up. I mean fair play, good luck to her. I’ll be f**king watching it, yeah. I’ll be like ‘Come on Paige! Come on!’ and when she’s on a date with a boy I’ll say ‘Come on! Kiss him!’ I hope she wins.

Isn’t that nice? But he also expects a little something something if she does win: “The prize is like fifty grand… I’ll be like, ‘They asked you to go on it… I’m not saying I’m the reason, but also… slide me two grand.'”

That seems fair, considering how much hay she’s made out of their time together. Pony up that winner’s cash, Paige.


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