Liam Payne Just Accidentally Trolled Everyone Into Thinking He’d Confirmed Cheryl’s Pregnancy


Amid all of the rumours and speculation, two people who are staying quiet about Cheryl’s supposed pregnancy are the would-be parents themselves: Cheryl and Liam Payne.

While she’s usually quick to blast fans and the media for negative coverage – particularly around weight and body image – Cheryl has drastically cut down on social media posts in recent weeks, and has only made one public appearance, at Paris Fashion Week as part of her work with L’Oréal.

If you follow Liam on Twitter though, you might have been fooled today into thinking he or Cheryl had finally spoken out about the rumours. The confusion began when Liam took to Twitter to reveal he’d signed a solo record deal with Republic Records.

Within minutes, #CongratsLiam began trending on Twitter, so naturally many of Liam’s 23.4million followers put two and two together and got, er, A PREGNANCY CONFIRMATION.



Oops again.

Unfortunately there’s been absolutely no confirmation from either party as yet, but then again, there hasn’t exactly been a denial either, has there? We’re keeping our ears open.


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