Liam Payne’s Ex-Fiancée Just Threw Some Major Shade At The One Direction Star

She really did that "On God"


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Okay, there’s a lot to unpack here, let’s dive in.

We all know Liam Payne is prone to an aul viral moment atm, just after (barely) getting over the Oscars changing accent thing, Liam has gone viral again, this time for an interview he did with Logan Paul.

In the interview Liam spilled a lot of tea. He spoke about the relationships between the One Direction boys and how they maybe didn’t get on as well as fans had hoped.


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Among the One Direction tea, Liam spoke about his previous “beef” with Justin Bieber, how they became friends and how he doesn’t think Justin would fight him…Yes, fight him. They spoke about who Liam would want to fight, since Logan Paul has entered into the world of boxing and Liam seemed up for stepping into the ring.

As they threw names of who Liam could fight around, but it seems one TikToker is keen to take on Liam in the ring…

After the interview aired Bryce Hall, former Sway House member and TikToker posted a video along with a tweet saying, “F**k it I’m down to fight Liam Payne.” Offering himself up for the possible brawl.

Liam’s ex Fiancée Maya Henry, who he recently had drama with after being spotted with a new girl shortly after calling off their engagement, decided to share her thoughts on the situation posting a TikTok using Tana Mongeau’s voice saying she was “Team Bryce” on God!

@mayahenryOn goddd🙅🏻‍♀️♬ original sound – breezy

Upon seeing this, Bryce reacted saying “I guess this is happening” and posting another of himself practicing his “walkout for the boxing match.”

@brycehallok last vid i promise♬ sign of the times – r

What is going on?!

Will we see Liam in a boxing ring next? He did say on the podcast that he likes to try new things… Who knows what will be next. He hasn’t officially responded about the fight but if he does, we will keep you posted!

Would 1D come to support him? So many questions…