Lili Reinhart Shuts Down Rumours Of Beef With Sydney Sweeney

She's not having it!

Image via Instagram, @lilireinhart

Lili Reinhart is not taking any rumour that she’s beefing with fellow actress Sydney Sweeney.

The Riverdale star took to Instagram to shut down any notion of a feud, after fans questioned an awkward red carpet interaction.

The moment in question occurred during the Venice International Film Festival, at an Armani Beauty event.

Sydney was seen approaching Lili and another group of celebs to give them all a hug – but people raised eyebrows at Lili’s reaction.

Fans on TikTok and Twitter wrote that Lili looked “annoyed” by Sydney, and “bothered” to see her.


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However, despite the speculation, the two leading ladies were spotted out on a double date together soon after – and Lili is squashing any rumours!

The actress shared a photo of the pair smiling together on a boat during their date night, with the caption, “We’ll be over here if you need us.”

She also tweeted “Stop making villains out of women every chance you get”. Mic drop!

Sydney re-shared the image of the two to her own Instagram story, confirming that there’s no beef between this famous duo.