Lily Collins Reveals The Moment She Met Princess Diana

I'm guessing not many people can say they tried to pull a bouquet of flowers from Princess Diana...


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You know those awkward moments when you’re having a conversation with someone and run out of something to say? It’d be the perfect time to have a good story in your back pocket – one that will immediately strike up a new conversation. Well, Lily Collins has exactly that.

Speaking on The Late Late Show with James Corden, Emily recalled the moment when she met Princess Diana when her father, Phil Collins, brought her to a Prince’s Trust event when she was young.

James asked as he showed a photo of a baby Lily with Princess Diana, “Here you are with your dad Phil Collins, this is you here being handed some flowers from Princess Diana. Do you have any recollection of this moment in time?”

To which Lily then explained: “I’ve been told this is what happened…

“That’s my mom and my dad and I and it’s at a Prince’s Trust event and I’m giving Diana flowers, but the second that she went to take them, I then tried to pull them back.


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“So as you can imagine, all the air was sucked out of the room.”

Before jokingly adding: “I was wearing a cute dress, so who’s going to really punish me there.”

Lily then shared another moment she had with the Royal Family, as she once threw a toy at Prince Charles. “I was playing with some toys with Prince Charles and I proceeded to kind of like throw something at him, like throw a toy telephone at his head. Which, again, all the air was sucked out of the room.”

Explaining why she was around the Royal Family at such a young age, the Emily In Paris actress added, “My dad did a lot of stuff with the Prince’s Trust so and I grew up in England, I’m British.

“I just went along for the ride and I guess I had a tendency to do naughty things as a 2-year-old.”

Okay, it’s all a bit gas in fairness.