Lindsay Lohan Has Started Speaking With A Weird European Accent And Nobody Can Figure Out Why

It's not for a new movie role apparently, so what gives?

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Being a famous movie star, Lindsay Lohan is likely well used to having journalists and fans hang on her every word. But during a recent interview, it wasn’t what Lindsay said that had people talking, it was the way she said it.

Lindsay was attending the opening of her new club in Greece, when she debuted an altogether different accent in a video interview that has since gone viral.

Instead, of Lilo’s usual husky New York drawl, the star seemed to have taken on a mix of European accents.

Confused? So was Twitter, with loadsa fans questioning why the actress suddenly sounded so different.

Thankfully, Lilo herself confirmed what was really behind her strange new vocals.

Speaking to the Daily Mail Lindsay explained “It’s a mixture of most of the languages I can understand or am trying to learn.”

Better again, Lindsay even has a name for her distintive new voice: ‘Lilohan.’

Yep, that’ll do.


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