Lisa Jordan Reveals She Had ‘Emergency Surgery’ After Her Appendix Burst

After starting to feel pains on Sunday evening, Lisa knew something wasn't right.


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Lisa Jordan has taken to Instagram to share how she’s doing after a really tough week.

After starting to feel “really bad pains” on Sunday, the Cork blogger noticed her aches weren’t subsiding and despite having no other symptoms of sickness, she went to the doctor to get checked out.

Terrified that there was an issue with her ovaries, Lisa had CT and two ultrasounds, one on her ovaries, and throughout continued to remind herself to “stay normal, there’s nothing wrong”.

But then on Wednesday night, everything “kicked off” as Lisa revealed that she had to go in for “emergency surgery” on her appendix after it burst, receiving keyhole surgery to remove the appendix entirely.

Explaining that she’s thankful it was nothing too upsetting, Lisa said that although it was tough to go through the operation, it’s a common procedure and she’s thankful it wasn’t anything worse.

Confessing that the scan on her ovaries is what scared her the most, Lisa added:

“I started crying, I was fine all along but that scan scared me, I was thinking ‘my kids, my kids, my kids…'”

Now, Lisa is on the mend and notes that she hopes to be out of hospital this coming Friday.


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