LISTEN: Wholesome TV Moments, Bushtucker Trials And Surprising Movie Reviews

It's all on the latest episode of The Skim!

We’ve been seriously booked and busy the past few weeks, gals. Now recovered from our second event in the space of two weeks, we’re sitting down remotely to chat all this week’s top headlines.

We’re back discussing why PDAs rot us this week, however, we’re giving Kravis a break to chat about a different time of PDA, the Insta post. Cue Megan Fox vibes right here as we discuss Justin Bieber’s latest post for wife Hailey Bieber’s wedding. Are we right, or are we bitter

In this week’s episode we also chat I’m A Celeb, it’s back on the screen which means winter is HERE. Speaking about a recent Bushtucker Trial, you’ll do well if you don’t gag while listening to this ep.


If you’re in need of something to watch, we also reveal our hayu Pick of the Week. This season of The Skim is kindly brought to you by hayu; our reality TV best friend and the only place we’d ever go to for box sets and fresh content the same time as the US!

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