LOL! Everyone’s Saying The Same Thing About Victoria Beckham’s Latest Post

They're not so different from us after all, eh?

Victoria and David Beckham are enjoying a romantic getaway in Paris and have shared a romantic snap of last night’s date. The pair are in a French restaurant and the photo shows Victoria with her arms draped around her husband’s neck while he smiles shyly at the camera.

While everyone’s focus is *supposed* to be on the happy couple, everyone in the comment section seems to have been distracted by something in the background. “Love how normal this photo is – and the toilet sign behind you two ??,” one person said.

“Who added the ‘s’ on ‘toilette’? ??  Sorry it just jumped at my eye, haha, you two are just goals ❤️,” another person wrote. While a third fan commented, “I can’t help but notice the #toilette (minus the ‘s’) sign at the back!”

Kisses from Paris x

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Even the Beckhams get sat by the toilets sometimes… They’re not so different from us after all, eh? ?

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