Looking For Halloween Inspo? Check Out These MUAs, Stat

All the glam and gore you'll need for Halloween.


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Spooky season is nearly here, and it’s about we started thing about our looks for Halloween. If you’re totally stuck for ideas and panicking, a costume won’t arrive in time. We’ve got you sorted.

Chance are you won’t need to buy anything to pull off a makeup look this Halloween, and we’ve found the best MUAs to give you some ideas.

Jade Mullet

Jade is the Queen of extra glam looks, and she got plenty that could be easily adapted for a costume or serve as the costume themselves. This creepy clown look is a showstopper.

Mikayla Nogueira

Mikayla is the TikTok sensation we can’t live without. Her looks are innovative, and her tutorials are super detailed, so we novices can follow along. She loves doing special holiday looks, so we’re definitely in store for some this Halloween, but check her looks from last year to get ideas.

Donna Morris

A Halloween makeup expert, Donna is sure to provide you with plenty of inspiration for the spooky night. Her looks are so creative you won’t be able to stop scrolling. Her page is a go-to for fun Halloween looks.


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Jan Cleary

Jan is an absolute master of makeup, and lucky for us, she’s already started her Halloween looks for this year. You’ll find so many cool and creepy creations on her page to give you inspiration. Best of all, you can actually book her to do the makeup for you.


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Miki Makeup

Miki Makeup has got every look you could possibly need, and they’ve certainly got you covered for Halloween. They’ve already started posting this year’s Halloween looks, and last years are just scrolls away.

Fiona Park

Fiona knows how to do makeup, and that goes for Halloween makeup as well. You’ll find some fun full-face looks that are perfect for Halloween in just a few scrolls.

Makeup by Meg

If you’ve been tuning into the Glow Up Ireland, you’ll know all about Megan already. Each and every year she slays at Halloween looks, and while some of them would probably be too much out of our skillset, we’re still taking as much inspo as we can. Have a scroll through her IG to be wowed, or find some more do-able looks – but how amazing is this Davy Jones look?

Words by: Slรกine McKenna

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