Looking For Something To Fill The Bridgerton Gap In Your Life? ‘The Empress’ Might Be The Answer

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New Netflix period drama The Empress has been capturing the minds of audiences globally since its release on September 29th, and we reckon you might want to add it to your weekend watch list.

If you’ve got a gaping Bridgerton hole in your life, this may just bridge (erton) the gap for you. Of course, we have a while to wait for the third season of Bridgerton to drop next April – if you’re looking for some goss on that check out this. So in the meantime, there’s The Empress to get lost in.

The first season of the series gives it a short and sweet introduction, with just 6 episodes for viewers to indulge in. If you’re up for a challenge, you can probably get through it in a day.

The series centres around Elisabeth von Wittelsbach, played by German actress Devrim Lingnau, as she falls for Emperor Franz Joseph, played by Philip Froissant.

The pair join in an unlikely marriage, and Elizabeth enters into a life of intrigue and tension at the Viennese court.


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The Empress has all of the lust, drama, and high fashion of fan favourite series Bridgerton, and has garnered quite the dedicated audience since its release.

Fans of the series where left clinging to their seats as the season came to an end in a hair raising cliff hanger after just 6 episodes, where they’re left wondering who will come out on top.

Here’s whats viewers had to say:

With news of a season 2 renewal yet to be confirmed, fans of the series will have to rely on the printed version of events. In it, author Gigi Griffis has adapted the original Katharina Eyssen scripts to focus more on the early life of Sisi.

Written by Rebekah O’Reilly


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