Louis Theroux Is Saving The Day By Announcing New TV Series

The news we need in 2020, thank you, sweet Louis.

BBC Press Office

As we try to get Theroux this year without focusing too much on the doom and gloom, albeit very challenging at times, Louis Theroux is hoping to brighten up at least one of our days by announcing that he’s back on our telly screens with a brand new series.

Back with a four-part show, this series will be a little bit different to what Louis has done in the past, and instead of focusing on one particular topic, the documentary marker is looking back over his past 25 years in telly.

Life On The Edge will look at everything from Louis’ work in matters from postpartum psychosis to Scientology.

Breaking the exciting news today, Wednesday July 22, Louis said:

“For years I’ve wanted to go back and make sense of the programmes I’ve made, find out what happened to some of the contributors, update their stories, and see what all these many hours of making TV might add up to.

“Lockdown gave me the time and space to do this. It’s been a strange and fascinating couple of months working on this, and especially fun to dig through old episodes of Weird Weekends – programmes I made in the mid-’90s, when the world was a very different place,” explained Louis.


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A binge we’re seriously already excited for.

So far we know that the series will be on BBC Two and that the whole production is signed and sealed, however, no release date has yet been revealed but fingers crossed it’s sooner rather than later.

We miss Louis in our lives!