Louis Theroux’s New Documentary Is Airing Tonight And It Tackles A Very Difficult Topic

The documentary airs on BBC Two tonight. 


Louis Theroux’s latest project airs tonight as he takes on the difficult topic of sexual consent.

The documentary, titled The Night in Question, examines the issue of sexual consent on US college campuses.

Award-winning journalist Louis Theroux meets assault survivors, men accused of sexual assault and specialist administrators whose job it is to investigate alleged misdemeanours and permanently exclude those they deem responsible.

Louis tackles the issue in the States specifically as US colleges have ‘Title IX investigators’, which are people designed to prevent sexual harassment, sexual violence and other gender-based discrimination in educational environments.

This makes it possible for an incident to be considered not criminal but still a breach of Title IX standards, therefore people accused of sexual assault can be suspended from college but not be put in jail.

In the documentary, Louis follows the story of one man in particular. Saifullah Khan is a 25-year-old who was accused of raping a fellow Yale University student on Halloween in 2015.

Khan was tried in court and acquitted on four counts of sexual assault in March 2018, and was allowed to return to the university in the autumn. But last October, new accusations of sexual assault came to light and Khan was suspended again; he is now considering suing the university.

The documentary airs at 9pm on BBC Two tonight.