Louise Cooney Is Leaving New York And Returning Home To Ireland Amid The COVID-19 Crisis

“It spread so quickly here… it just doesn’t feel safe”

Irish influencer Louise Cooney has made the difficult decision to temporarily leave New York as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. 

Taking to her Instagram stories last night, Louise revealed that she has made the decision to book flights and isolate herself in her home in Ireland, admitting that the situation is becoming increasingly worrying in the state of New York. 

“Okay so I just booked flights home on Saturday,” she said. 

She continued, “I had decided I was going to stay and then I was very unsure yesterday and today, and my parents were worried.” 

Louise also goes on to explain the current situation in New York, admitting that the virus seems to be spreading quickly, which makes her feel too unsafe to remain living there. 

“It’s spread so quickly in New York that it’s actually scary. That’s kind of why I want to go [home] because the numbers are crazy and they’re growing so quickly.”

“The streets feel unsafe because there is no one out on them so you can’t even really feel safe going out for a walk.”

New York City has seen an extremely quick spread of the virus, with them now reporting more than 15,000 cases at this time of writing, a figure which is set to continually rise. 

Louise does, however, assure us that she, and her dog Cooper who will be accompanying her on her journey, will be safe in Ireland, where they will both be isolating for the foreseeable. 

“I don’t know what lies ahead in the weeks ahead and at least I will feel safe at home.”

The 27-year-old began her American journey late last year and has since been living the dream, documenting her journey for all of her fans and followers to see. 

She’s currently unsure of when she will return back to the city. 

Stay safe Louise and Coops!