Louise Cooney Opens Up About Her Pregnancy As Due Date Approaches

"It's starting to feel very real."

Louise Cooney pictured at the Hayu STELLAR InstaSTAR Awards 2023. Picture: Brian McEvoy

Louise Cooney has already taken social media and the business world by storm, but now she is preparing for her next venture – being a mum.

In May, the Limerick native announced she was expecting her first child with her partner, Mark Sweeney.

We caught up with Louise (and the bump), at the 2023 Hayu InstaStar Awards, and opening up about her pregnancy, she said: “It feels like the last couple of weeks I’ve grown so much, it’s starting to get uncomfortable, but that’s just the stage that I’m at.”

“It’s nice, as much as it is uncomfortable, now I can feel the movement everyday. It’s starting to feel very real.”


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The soon-to-be parents recently moved into a brand-new home together, as they await the arrival of their little one.

“Between getting the house set up and the baby set up, it’s just going to fly-in, I need time to slow down.”

“I’m 32 weeks, we’re moving along very nicely. At the start of November, I’m due,” Louise shared. Of course, with a baby on the way, new home, plus running her two businesses, CLOO Active and 67 Spritz, things can get hectic.

“I would have thought we’d have been prepared so much earlier, but then you realise you’re just busy, life just flies by. We will get there, there’s not very much more that baby really needs, so kind of remembering that and focusing on looking after it.”


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