Louise Cooney Reveals Plans To Move House As She Stays In Ireland For The Foreseeable Future

Louise made the difficult decision to leave New York in April of this year and now, she doesn't see herself returning any time soon.



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When the pandemic became more frightening and the uncertainty of what was going to happen next became even more unpredictable, blogger Louise Cooney made the decision to leave New York and move home to Limerick.

A decision that wasn’t easy to make, Louise thought she might see herself back in NYC before the summer was out however, as we all know now, that wasn’t going to be feasible and Louise then made the tough call to wave goodbye to her NYC life for the meantime.

Sharing the news on her Instagram stories, Louise explained to her followers that she couldn’t keep paying rent on her one-bed Manhattan apartment when she didn’t know when or what it would be like when she returned to America and so, ended her lease and moved all her clothes home in boxes, some of which she revealed are still set to arrive into Ireland.


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But as it looks like she’s here for the foreseeable future, Louise noted that it’s time she finds a place of her own and leave her family house.

“I am looking to moving in the next couple of months so that’ll be exciting and I can bring ye along on that journey… again” explained Louise on Instagram, after she revealed that she’s not totally ruling out the idea of returning to NYC; as her current visa lasts for a few years.

“Who’s to say I won’t ever get back there, you know that kind of way, I might. I have a visa for a couple of years so we’ll just see what happens,” Louise continued.


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Earlier this week, the Irish influencer marked one year since she moved to New York in September of 2019. Sharing a selection of photos from her six months away, she said:

“I spent nearly a year planning it, got a 3 year visa, spent a fortune and really just went for it 110%… little did I know a virus would come along and change everything in a matter of weeks.”

Ending the post, Louise did however, explain that she’s thankful for all she was able to see and do while living there and noted that for now, she’s happy to plan ahead and see what comes at her next.

“Here’s to new adventures in Ireland (hopefully) over the next few months and to not paying New York rent anymore… wooohooo.”


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