Louise Cooney Reveals She’s ‘Home For The Foreseeable’ After Packing Up NYC Wardrobe

She shared an update over the weekend.


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Louise Cooney has revealed that she currently doesn’t see herself moving back to New York amid the ongoing pandemic.

Updating her followers on Instagram, the Limerick native has spent the past four months at home and admits that she doesn’t see herself back in New York in the “foreseeable future”.

Having now moved her whole wardrobe from her Manhattan apartment home to Ireland, Louise has also been actively selling her New York furniture and belongings stateside.

With previous hopes to return to New York in June, Louise now knows that making a plan to head back to New York isn’t feasible at the moment. Making peace with the fact that everything happens for a reason, Louise admitted that she’s thrilled she got the opportunity to leave in New York and achieve one of her bucket list dreams while previously chatting on her Instagram stories.

Having announced her move to NYC in August of last year, Louise revealed her excitement to make the big move, having previously lived in Dublin.

“Say hello to my new HOME. I’m so excited to finally be able to share the news that my US visa was approved today.. and I’m moving to New York!!!”


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Sharing everything from apartment interiors to an insight into New York living and the blogging industry in America, Louise had us all packing our bags and considering a move to the Big Apple.

And so, when the abrupt time came for Louise to move home, we can certainly imagine it was a tough one to process, but Louise was focusing on the positives.


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“I’m trying to be positive, like we all have to try and be,” Louise revealed in April, having moved home shortly before then. “But it’s ok to accept that things aren’t going to plan, it’s ok to feel a bit down about it, and if I learnt anything from all your messages today it’s that I’m not alone in feeling that. Money will come and go, apartments will, jobs will, travel opportunities will… I know I’m lucky to have my health & to be home with my family so I’m grateful for that,” she added on Instagram.

Wise words.


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