“Say Hello To My New Home” Louise Cooney Reveals She’s Moving To New York

The blogger opened up about the application process, her work plans and her beloved pooch Cooper.


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Louise Cooney has revealed that she is making the move to New York.

The influencer took to Instagram to make the exciting announcement on Thursday.

“Say hello to my new HOME!” she captioned the pic. “I’m so excited to finally be able to share the news that my US visa was approved today.. and I’m moving to New York!!! lived there 5 years ago, and I always wanted to go back… so it’s finally happening!!!”


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She also shared a Youtube video in which she detailed the application process, her love for the city and her future plans.

The Limerick blogger has been granted a three-year visa and says she fell in love with the place during her J1s and Grad visa trip.

“It’s one of those places I just love. It just has my heart, part of my heart is there,” she said.

Louise revealed that she started her blog in New York and that she never really felt like she was finished with the place.

However, some things delayed her trip which meant she didn’t get to head back as soon as she’d have liked.

“Last year I had some personal things obviously that happened that kind of put everything on hold and I wasn’t sure if I wanted to go anymore,” she revealed. “So I said I’d go to New York for a week in January and see if I wanted to live there again.”

Once Louise was back in the Big Apple, the stylish star explained that she knew she was happy to move there full time.

She detailed the laborious process that goes into applying for a visa.

It’s taken a lot longer than I thought and It’s been the longest most painful process ever. For a long time, I just felt like I was in limbo just waiting and waiting but now it’s finally happening.”

Our former cover star also explained that she plans on coming over and back to Ireland for work, friends and family and is even set to return in October for a short time.

“I have an agency who are sponsoring me, and I’m going to keep my Irish work and probably be over and back a lot.”

Louise added that the cost of living is higher, but that family nearby will help if she needs somewhere to stay for a while.

“It’s definitely a risk, I don’t know how much money I’ll be making over there, hopefully enough to live. I have savings as I’ve been planning for this for over a year, but rent is a lot more expensive over there… I don’t know where I’m going to be living but luckily I have my family out there in Connecticut which is only 45 minutes outside the city so if I haven’t found somewhere I’ll be commuting in and out.”

Many of Louise’s avid followers will also be wondering about her beloved pooch Cooper (who was even on the cover of Stellar with her!) and the blogger explains that she will continue to share him with her roommate.


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“This time last year when I decided, that was a huge factor in ‘I don’t think I can move’ because we got Cooper and I share Cooper with my roommate and I am obsessed with him and love him to bits. We have figured it out, we knew that when we got him we wouldn’t live together forever, we have our own lives. Our plan right now is to do six months with Cooper in Ireland and six months in New York.”

She added: “I’ve looked into all the paperwork, he doesn’t have to go into quarantine he gets shots and vaccines and that’s it. you put him on a flight and that’s it. I hope to bring him over at Christmas. I want a bit of time to see what my routine is going to be like I don’t want to bring cooper over unless it’s going to be good for him and he’ll get everything that he needs. Even though I’d really like him there I just have to make sure of all that before I bring him out.”

She finished by saying that although she was nervous at first, she’s now hugely excited for the move.

“I don’t know things in my gut often, I know this for sure… It is scary moving country by myself, but at the same time, you only live once.”


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