Louise Cooney Shares Nasty Message From Troll Wishing Coronavirus On Her Family

'With all the talk of online bullying, I thought I would share this message...'


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Louise Cooney has shared a horrible message from a troll account to make a point about online bullying.

The influencer who is currently at home in Limerick with her family, took to Instagram stories to discuss the abuse.

It happened after she posted a story in which she playfully wrote: “Between baking, cooking and cocktails… quarantine has been good. Does it really have to end tomorrow?”

However, one person using a fake account replied to her story with a nasty message.

The person called her an ‘ignorant b*tch’ and said they hoped she or a family member would get the virus.

The went on to call her selfish and disgusting.

“With all the talk of online bullying I thought I would share this message I got today! I don’t get messages this bad often.. & luckily I’m happy so it doesn’t bother me,” Louise said of the nasty message.

“Anyone who makes and interacts like this off fake accounts… why?! Imagine getting this if you were having a bad day, or a family member actually was sick…”

In recent days many bloggers and influencers have spoken out about social media trolls and nasty gossip pages which talk about their lives. It’s important to remember that there are normal humans behind these influencer accounts and that they deserve kindness like everyone else. If you wouldn’t say it in person, don’t say it at all.

Louise later shared a screenshot of various messages of support to show that most of her followers and kind.

“So many messages… nice to be reminded that most people are normal ❤️ Thanks guys. I’m not bothered by it, I don’t even like to give these people airtime. I think they weirdly enjoy it!”

“So if any trolls are getting ideas… don’t 😂 If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all! trust me it might make you feel better 🙃,” she added.


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