Love Is Blind’s Shaina Finally Addresses Why She Kept Squinting At The Reunion

She must’ve heard all about the memes!


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The Love Is Blind season two reunion episode had the most dramatic moments of the series. Between everyone calling out Shake’s bad behaviour, Sal confronting Jarrett, and Shayne making Natalie cry (again), it was peak reality-TV content.

But something else was noticed by fans of the show, and it raised a lot of eyebrows – contestant Shaina’s constant squinting!

It seemed as though Shaina spent half the show with her brow furrowed, narrowing her eyes at whoever was speaking. The camera clearly copped on to the unusual facial expression too, because Shaina’s face got a lot of screen time! It didn’t take long for memes to start cropping up everywhere, providing some extra hilarious content following the reunion last week.

Well, Shaina must have noticed, because she took to her Instagram stories to set the record straight about why her expression isn’t the result of being judgy – and is actually because of her contacts.

Chatting to her followers, she explained ‘I wear contacts, OK? I’ve been squinting ever since I can remember. I’m always getting yelled at, like, ‘Stop squinting! You’re going to get wrinkles…That’s probably why I have wrinkles’.

She went on to say that she’s convinced she has a problem with her eyes but that her eye doctor insists everything is fine, adding ‘I am blind, basically… Love is blind.’

Gas! We have to say, based on her attitude throughout the show, we didn’t expect her response to be so good-natured. Laugh it off, sis, laugh it off.

Words by STELLAR Intern Aoife CodyKane


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