Love Island: A New Girl Arrives Tonight – & She’s Already Doing Some Shifting

STELLAR PROMOTION: It's all kicking off

We’re only on day three, and already we’ve seen a coupling, a dumping, a reality TV star showing up – and now another bombshell is about to land in the villa.


The islanders have just got glammed up for the evening when Jess gets a text: “Girls. It’s time for a game. Blindfold your boy. Line them up by the pool and then head to the terrace.  #nopeeping”

A new girl enters the villa and heads straight over to the lads, where she kisses every single one of them. Fair play to her, honestly.

Elsewhere, Ayo and Mimii head to the terrace to discuss their feelings for each other.

Ayo says, “I think after today everything has been put in perspective for a few people, especially for me anyway, you know what the score is.”

Mimii says, “What’s the score again?”

Ayo says, “I wanted to come up here just to say I’m more than attracted to you. I very much see you. You look so pretty. Can I show you something quickly?”

The pair then share a kiss. Adorable.

Patsy says: “I haven’t said anything to anyone yet because it’s an awkward thing to bring up. It’s a disability in my arm – I’ve got no strength, anything above shoulder height I can’t lift.

“Sometimes you think, I don’t know, that having something different you don’t know if everyone is going to find it completely sexy. But being different is cool.

Munveer says, “Absolutely. I really appreciate you sharing that with me.”

Following Joey’s decision to couple up with Samantha, Harriett and Ciaran have a chat with Harriett revealing her top two are Ciaran and Joey. Harriett then says, “I’m glad he didn’t pick me though.”

The next day, Harriett pulls Samantha for a chat and says, “I just wanted to pull you before. I’m going to pull him [Joey] but I don’t want you to think anything. I’m going to go to the Hideaway because I think Ciaran needs a taste of his own medicine.”

Samantha says, “Don’t be petty” but Harriett pulls Joey anyway and the pair head off, leaving Samantha annoyed by her move.

Love Island continues tonight on Virgin Media 2 at 9pm.

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