Love Island Are Cracking Down On Smoking This Year After A Flood Of Complaints From Viewers

The hit TV show has some new rules.

While the hotly anticipated return of Love island is right around the corner, bosses have put in a smoking ban for the new series.

Following a slew of complaints after last year’s cast were seen lighting up throughout the show, ITV executives have decided to restrict smoking.

Contestants can now only smoke in a specific outdoor ‘hut’, alone, and must ask a producer before they do so.

Complaints came after almost every contestant on last years show was shown smoking regularly and viewers thought the series was glamourising the smoking of cigarettes.

According to Cosmopolitan UK, a source from the show said:

Last year there were more viewer complaints about the amount of smoking than anything else. It did feel like someone had a fag in their hand constantly last series, so hopefully viewers will notice the difference.

The source also said that the smoking hut will be filmed but “as they’ll be alone, there won’t be as many gossipy moments as last year.”

Last series, the BBC reported 24 of the 46 Love Island complaints were about the contestants smoked in the villa, and a number of viewers took to Twitter to accuse ITV of glamourising the bad habit.


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