Love Island: Ayo’s Forgotten About Mimii, & A Shock Text Rattles The Islanders


It’s safe to say that Ayo’s head has been sufficiently turned away from Mimii as he brings new girl Jess to the terrace tonight.

He’s already gone to the hideaway, but it seems that wasn’t enough for Ayo, as he tells Jess:

“You make me feel good, innit…you know when we were sat on the daybeds, and you kept on looking at me, it seemed like you wanted to do something..”

Jess asks: “Did it? What did it seem like I wanted to do?”

They’re going to kiss. Let’s be honest.

Later that evening, Matilda tells Hugo she fancies him the most out of the Casa boys.

Quizzing Hugo on how things are going with Jess, he reveals: “Things are going well, we have deep chats, it’s still flirty but I’m not closed off to getting to know people.”

Matilda adds: “I think looks wise, you’re probably the guy I’d fancy the most.”

Hugo replies: “I’ll be honest, it is reciprocated, you are my type to a T. If I was to walk into a bar, you’d be the one I’d approach 100%”

Meanwhile, Blade and Moziah are fighting over Grace… and honestly, makes sense.

Moziah and Grace are chatting when Blade approaches to pull her for a chat.

Annoyed by the interruption, Moziah says: “You obviously know how I feel about Grace. Do you think that doing that at that moment was even the right thing to do at any level bro?”

Blade asks: “Am I just meant to sit here and just watch you chat to her all night?”

Grace then chats to the girls about Blade and Moziah.

Grace says: “I feel a bit confused, because I have one conversation with one and I walk away and I think him, deffo him, then I’ll have another conversation with another and I’ll think no deffo him… I’ve not made a decision.”

Jessy asks: “Do you not think you need to have a kiss with Moziah?”

Grace pulls Moziah for a chat. She explains: “I feel like romantically, me and him [Blade] have had a kiss, where me and you haven’t, I think that would maybe be the deciding thing…”

Blade watches on, saying: “What do you think is going on there bro? He’s just taken her to the bedroom. That’s a bit mad…”


And if that wasn’t enough drama for one night, Matilda receives a shock text that rocks the villa. But what will it say, and how will it change things?

Love Island continues tonight on Virgin Media 2 at 9pm.

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