Love Island Fans Cannot Stop Talking About This Moment From Last Night’s Show

Certainly one of the highlights.

Love Island season seven kicked off on… let’s just say… the right foot last night as 10 new Islanders stepped into the villa, with five ladies getting whisked off their feet by five new boys in the first coupling.

OK, we’ll stop cracking foot jokes now… or will we?

The reason for them is that Jake, the first guy to couple up with a girl last night – choosing waitress Liberty who stood forward for him – appears to have a fetish for feet and fans are loving the content it’s providing.

At first, Jake made a comment that he hoped Liberty had “little feet” which got everyone online talking however, when all the Islanders coupled up and got settled in, Jake’s fondness for feet became more apparent as the first challenge got underway.

A game of dares helped the new bunch of singletons to break the ice, with Toby and Kaz receiving a dare to suck the toe of the other for 30 seconds. Now, although Kaz was hesitant to do any sucking, Toby was right in there, willingly accepting the challenge. The funniest part of all however? Well, that had to be the whisper from Jake saying that he was going to record the act and of course, you can clearly see him smiling with his Love Island smartphone capturing the whole thing. Gas.

At the end of it all, Jake also asks Toby what Kaz’s toe tasted like to no response.

Probably for the better.

Bring on tonight’s episode is all we can say. We’re well and truly hooked already. Virgin Media One, 9pm.


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