Love Island Fans Reckon That The Couples Have Six Month ‘Relationship Contracts’

A conspiracy theory, you say?

In the past three weeks, not one but THREE couples from the last season of Love Island have split up.

Megan and Wes were first to go after some serious Dancing On Ice Drama, Josh and Kaz were next, and just this week, Adam and Zara called it quits (just after he had a drink thrown in his face defending her honour, too).

Unsurprisingly, fans have been left wondering if love is real at all. Some are even speculating on if this string of breakups is more than just a coincidence.

A Love Island conspiracy theory, you say? Tell us more.

A number of Twitter users have suggested that the coupled-up Islanders were contracted to stay in their relationships for six months after they leave the show:

Now, there are definitely some holes in this theory – four couples split last year – but there may well be an incentive for couples to stay together for a certain period of time. More lucrative teeth whitening sponsorships, perhaps?

When contacted by Cosmopolitan about the rumours, an ITV spokesperson vehemently denied that there were any ‘relationship contracts’ going on: “This is absolutely not true.”

Winners Jack and Dani are the only Love Island 2018 couple left standing… for now. If they make it past this month, we’ll know if it’s the real deal.


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