Love Island: Grace & Joey Get Busy In The Hideaway, & Samantha Is Not Having It


It’s another night of Joey Island… we mean, Love Island.

Tonight, the star is continuing on his relationship with Grace while Samantha is actively upset about it.

The pair head off the Hideaway, but Grace tells Joey he should speak to Samantha before they do.

Grace says: “When you all get in bed and you don’t turn up and someone says, oh yeah, he’s in the Hideaway with Grace, she’ll be more pissed off tomorrow.

“Even though it’s an awkward one just be like I’m not going to stay in the bed tonight, I’ll let you know I am going in the Hideaway with Grace. It’s awkward and it’s weird to let her know but you’ve done the right thing.”

Pulling Samantha for a chat, Joey says: “I want to let you know I’m gonna stay in the Hideaway with Grace.”

Samantha says: “I’ve seen you kissing over there before… bit out of order, don’t you think? I’ve just been crying in there two hours ago and then you are kissing on the daybed.”

Jess says: “Samantha, I am sick to death of you not remembering who you are”, as she declares Samantha a “boss bitch.”

She goes on: “Hold hands. Remember why we are here. Remember why we are boss bitches and remember why we don’t let mid-level entry men take the piss out of us and make us feel less worthy than we are.”


Elsewhere, Harriett is chatting to Tiffany about what went on at the sleepover with Ronnie.

Tiffany says: “He did say to me over there that if there was a recoupling he would choose me.”

Harriett says: “What is wrong with him? Do you know what I mean though? He doesn’t know you…I just feel like he’s probably going to do this with every single girl.”

He is, girl. He is.

Love Island continues tonight on Virgin Media 2 at 9pm.

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