Love Island: Harriett and Ronnie Kick Off & Sean Goes To The Hideaway

STELLAR PROMOTION: The drama continues...

It’s been all go as the islanders have played some games, made some moves, and broken a few hearts.

All in a days work really, and tonight, Sean’s laying claim on his gal as he whisks Matilda away to the hideaway.

Yes, really.

Pulling the latest bombshell away from Omar, he says: “I know a little place…come with me.”

Chatting to the girls, Jess is shocked and says: “He’s going to the hideaway!”

Talking about Ronnie, Jess says: “The weirdest thing about the situation is that through that game, the way he was behaving and not kissing people that to me was putting a front to everyone, like trying too hard.”

Shouting, Harriett says: “Babe, he’s literally acting!”

Ronnie shouts in response: “Who is acting? Harriett who is acting then?”

Harriett says: “None of your business. Was you in this conversation? I thought you was sat over there actually, so go back over there.”


Mimii is also trying to process Ayo’s decision to kiss Uma during the game.

Chatting to the girls, Mimii says: “Why would you pick Uma? Now I’m thinking, am I deeping it too much? That’s just weird, out of respect…

“It is just a game but at this point how many times are you going to say it’s just a game? We are past that now, even Uma was shocked. To say that you’re sexually attracted to someone that is a big thing…that means there is still something there for you.”

Love Island continues tonight on Virgin Media 2 at 9pm.

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