Love Island Star Amy Hart Shares Boyfriend Sam Is ‘The One’

Honestly, just love this for her.


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2019’s Love Island was an absolute whirlwind, and any Love Island fan will know exactly how much of a hard time that Amy Hart had in the villa (I will never be over the ‘but I want to be the guy who makes everyone coffee in the morning’ moment – ever).

But a couple of months ago, Amy confirmed that she was all loved up and she has now shared that boyfriend Sam Rason is ‘the one’. Cute!

Appearing virtually on Loose Women, along with Sam, Amy basically cut right to the chase to say exactly that.

“The night before our third date, I told my friends, like, he is definitely the one”, she shared.


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A post shared by Amy Hart (@amyhartxo)

“After like two, three months, I drunkenly told his mum on the phone that I was going to marry him.

“I didn’t mention it the next day, and neither did he. So I was like, perfect, he can’t remember it, he forgot about it, it’s fine, and he’s just brought it up, just now!”

Amy then spoke of how she and Sam met, saying: “He saw me on a dating app and then messaged me on Instagram to say that we had matched but hadn’t spoken on there. Turns out we actually hadn’t matched, he just thought he’d give it a go!”


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After sharing their relationship on Instagram, Amy wrote “Good things come to those who wait…” Before sharing some advice to her one million followers on Instagram, adding that it’s important to never settle for someone, adding “wait for the right person, they… will come”.

Ugh, I just love this for her.


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