Love Island: The Heart Rate Challenge Is Back, & Jess Gives Harriett A Dose of Reality

STELLAR PROMOTION: Cue drama in one, two...

Yep, the heart rate challenge is back – tonight!

We’re sure there’ll be some interesting results alright…

Matilda receives a text and says: “Islanders, Tonight you’ll get each others pulses racing in a boys vs girls challenge #StrutYourStuff #HeartStripsABeat”

As Ciaran awaits Nicole he shouts: “I’m like a kid on Christmas day. Hurry up and give me my present!

While as Sean approaches the girls, he says: “Ladies, the Candyman is here! Who is ready for a taste?”… Because of course.

But before all of this, Grace wants to know what Konnor’s intentions are. She says: “I know we spoke earlier obviously after the recoupling, which was really intense.”

Konnor says: “Yeah, I wanted to come over and give you reasonings as you probably feel a little bit like why has Konnor picked me? I understand and that I want to tell you my reasonings. No one’s told me they are closed off. You haven’t told me you are closed off…”

Grace replies: “I get that but this whole closed off thing, on the outside you wouldn’t be like, are we closed off? Actions speak a lot louder than words.”

Konnor tells Grace how he is feeling and says: “Because you and Joey already know each other and you’ve had this holiday romance and then in my head, it didn’t work the first time, what’s different this time? Is it another holiday romance?”

Elsewhere, Jess is also giving Harriett a dose of reality as she discusses the current Ronnie sitch with her.

Jess says: “Yeah, obviously he felt the conversation has been twisted that we had and I disagree with that because I didn’t want to get involved. For once I thought, do you know what I am going to be selfish and speak to him when I want to speak to him.”

Jess continues: “I get the timing wasn’t nice for you but there has been situations in here when I’ve not appreciated the timings but everyone is in here for themselves.”

Harriett says: “Of course it was a bit awkward in the beginning because of the situation but I feel like we both got over that.”

Jess says: “My only advice…just be wary. You’re not a stupid girl, just be mindful of that. Let him work for you.”

Love Island continues tonight on Virgin Media 2 at 9pm.

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