Love Island Viewers Saw A Different Side To Alex Last Night, And They Didn’t Like It

The doctor is getting just a bit fed up with his situation in the villa, but does he need to take it out on Ellie?

From his very first day in the villa, Love Island viewers’ hearts went out to Dr Alex George. No girls stepped forward to couple up with him, and the poor soul was benched and ended up being paired with Samira by default.

In the days following, Alex felt more and more left out and the public took to Twitter every night to send their love to the doctor. One night he even described the lack of attention from the girls in the villa as making him feel ‘like a leper’.

As time went by, he developed a strong friendship with his partner Samira. When new girls came in, Alex seemed to strike out every time and the public jumped to his defence, rooting for him time and time again.

Throughout all of this, no one really seemed to be paying much attention to Samira, who was in the exact same position as the doctor. The public begged the new girl Megan to make the right decision and pick Alex over Eyal. He was kind, level headed and would treat her the best. And Megan agreed, saying her head was telling her to pick him.

But after some cheeky kisses with Eyal, Alex was once again left in the dust. But things started to change when Ellie came into to villa. She immediately said Alex was her type and after taking three of the boys out on a date, decided Alex was her favourite and she’d give it a go.

What followed was a slew of awkward encounters and set ups to help Alex get a few kisses. Yet it appeared everything was starting to work out as Alex re-coupled with Ellie a the next coupling and Samira was picked by new boy Sam. Alex was finally riding high on cloud nine.

Samira had warned Alex that she was unsure if Ellie had genuine feelings for him. Ever since the re coupling last Friday, people have noticed that Ellie has become less and less interested in Alex, barely speaking to him, putting on spot cream before bed and facing away from him all night.

So on last nights episode, during the course of the day, we saw Ellie explain to the girls that as much as she believed she tried, she just wasn’t sexually attracted to him. This led to a shiocking range of profanities from the doctor as he discussed it with fellow contestant Dani.

Ellie did the mature thing and decided to pull Alex aside to tell him that she just wasn’t that into him anymore. And boy did he get heated. Ellie explained to him calmly that she just didn’t feel the chemistry was there.

To me, it was about doing ‘couple things’ and having a date together. The first night that we got into the bed after the re coupling, it was very awkward for me. I don’t think there’s any sort of sexual chemistry between us. I’m sitting here ending it with someone who I know would treat me amazing, who I know has a kind heart and I don’t think it has been easy for me to do. So… Yeah.

Alex heatedly claimed that Ellie came into the villa saying that he was the exact guy for her. In complete shock, Ellie told him: “I did not come into this villa and say, ‘Alex is the guy for me’ at all.”

To which, Alex replied: “You said you would make an effort, but hours after we recouple you get in the bed and you roll over. Obviously it was going to be awkward. Why didn’t you say ‘I don’t feel this, I feel so uncomfortable’.”

Hitting back, Ellie said: “I don’t know why you’re acting cocky because it doesn’t suit you. Everything is very tense, you’re very formal, you haven’t made me laugh once.”

You made the decision to couple up and I’m very grateful for it I didn’t try and come in and play a game and I could have very easily played a game. You’re making it out as if we were perfect and then we’ve re-coupled and I’ve just been like f**k off.

After the bust up, a lot of people spoke out on Twitter calling Alex out for having an extremely ‘entitled’ attitude towards Ellie.

On the other side of things, people were calling Ellie out for potentially playing a game.

So while the internet seems to be a bit divided, we think it’s fair to say that each side has valid opinions and no one is totally in the clear here.

When Ellie first came in she did make it clear that she had some sort of interest in Alex, though not to the extent that Alex claimed last night. At the start she did seem to spend some time with him, having breakfast and going in for a few kisses. After the re-coupling though, Ellie appeared to be a bit fed up and pulled away from him. It all did seem a bit suspicious and to be fair, it was easy to say that you might think she was playing a bit of a game.

But, as females, we all at one point have experienced the ‘ick’. That feeling, often times unexplained, that you get that just makes you realise nope, this guy is not for me. And most of the time you just can’t help that you’re not psychically attracted to someone after getting to know them. Whether Ellie was playing a game or not, you can’t really blame a girl for realising she’s just not that into a guy and calmly telling him. At the end of the day, Ellie doesn’t owe Alex anything.

As for Alex, it’s a real shame that the handsome doctor hasn’t found someone for him in the villa. But last night, his behaviour towards Ellie did come across aggressive and a bit entitled in a situation that he could have handled a lot better.

At the end of the day, while people argue and debate over whose side they are on, there is one side that we can all get on board with: Samira’s. Guess she was right all along about Alex and Ellie not working out.


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