Love Island’s Afia Reveals If The Contestants Know Who Gemma Owen’s Dad Is

Do they already know?

Love Island viewers have been waiting for an announcement of who Gemma Owen’s father is, spoiler: it’s soccer legend Michael Owen. But there has yet to be any mention of his name in the show, even with the entrance of her ex Jacques, it seems there hasn’t been a pin-drop moment of realisation for any of the Islanders.

You would think that any football fan inside would be pretty impressed to learn this piece of information, but for now it seems it’s under wraps…or is it?


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The first dumpee of the series Afia Tonkmor shared whether the contestants are aware of her famous father in an Instagram Q&A saying, “If people do know, I did know before I went in because I watched her vt, so if people do know, they don’t care. Nobody really cares.”

“I don’t know who he is, I know he’s a football guy but it was never ever spoken about in my presence,” she said.

If it is known and just not spoken about we have to admit we’d be a little disappointed. We’d love to see a moment like Jack Finch and Danny Dyer chatting over Facetime, or maybe when the meet the parents happens he’ll even go into the villa… Only time will tell…

Although Gemma is pretty keen to be her own person on the show and not just Michael Owen’s daughter, a source told The Sun, “For Gemma to go on the show was a massive deal due to her family situation. She’s determined not to make a thing about her dad and make a way on her own but she is also keen not to lower the tone.”

We can already see Gemma being a Molly-Mae after she leaves the villa!


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