Love Island’s Alexandra Cane Reveals The Time Her Alcohol Abuse Lead To Hospitalisation

She spoke out about it for the first time


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Love Island’s Alexandra Cane has opened up about her experience with alcohol abuse for the first time, admitting that her abuse even left her hospitalised multiple times.

Sharing her thoughts during an Instagram Q+A, Alexandra was left in tears after she let her fans know about the private details of her past abuse.

When asked if she enjoys her experiences with alcohol, she said:

“I experienced some pretty dangerous, irresponsible, unsafe & uncomfortable situations that easily could have been avoided if I wasn’t under the influence of alcohol”

Going on to list the situations that alcohol affected her in, she said:

“Damaged relationships, verbal and physical abuse, sexual assault, arguments, anxiety”

Revealing the reason behind her choice to go teetotal, saying that a night of heavy drinking induced hangovers so bad that she would end up in hospital following panic attacks.

“My anxiety got so bad that I would have awful panic attacks where I genuinely thought I was going to die. I got taken to hospital a few times because it was that bad I couldn’t breathe,” she said.

Going on to speak about the times she spent in hospital, she said that she feels selfish for taking up doctor’s time.

“I actually feel like such an asshole for the times I ended up there (self inflicted) because I’ve potentially wasted doctors time though being irresponsible where they could have been helping someone else”

Overwhelmed by the response from fans, Alexandra went on to share pictures of herself looking emotional, while saying that she can’t look at her DMs anymore.

“Literally can’t read any more DMs because I can’t stop crying – I’m too emotional. Love you.”

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