Love Island’s Amy Hart Reveals What A ‘Party’ Night In The Villa Is Really Like

It's not as exciting as they make it out...

We saw the iconic “I got a text”, (or as Dami would say “My phone’s pinging and that”) moment in last night’s Love Island when the Islanders are told they are getting a party.

This is met with the usual squeals of excitement as everyone rushes to get ready for the big night in, but what does a Love Island party really entail? We see the Islanders get more drinks than usual, and dance in slow motion briefly, but when we hear party, we usually associate it with some sort of drama in the villa. Such as the two bombshells arriving last night.


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Former Love Island contestant Amy Hart shared the reality of a party inside the villa on TikTok saying, “I don’t know whether this is their first proper party of the series but I can tell you now that a party is three songs, two bottles of prosecco. That’s it. And then it’s just normal business as usual. I hate to be a party pooper but that’s what they’ve got in store.”


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This makes so much sense as to why they are only dancing in slow motion shots and why once this part is over they head off to their usual areas to chat and dissect the drama of the evening.

We will see the second half of the party on tonight’s episode, as two new bombshells entered the villa at the end of last night’s show. In the sneak peek we can see that an argument is about to break out between new boy Jay and Jacques. We saw the pair competing over their professions with Jacques gloating that he plays rugby, to which Jay said he was “small for a rugby player”, to which Gemma’s ex said he would “flatten” him… Yikes.

We are guessing the pair are competing for Paige’s attention as she is currently coupled up with Jacques but showed interest when Jay entered the villa, saying he is ticking a lot of boxes…

We are looking forward to watching it play out tonight!

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