Love Island’s Anna Reveals She Once Called The Police On Her Sister

“I never thought in a million years that we’d get arrested."

It’s been a hot minute since Anna Vakili was last on our screens, she entered the Love Island villa in May of 2019 (back when we lived in a completely different world) and entertained us for a whole 52 days while she was in there.

Anna was never shy of arguments while in the villa, and she’s now shared that she once called the police on her sister while arguing, and the pair ended up spending the night behind bars.

Speaking to The Sun, Anna recalled the night when she and her sister, Mandi spent the night in jail. “My sister and I sometimes have a bit too much to drink in central London, and we end up getting into arguments with each other.

“Not long ago we ended up spending the night in jail,” she explained. “We got arrested for fighting each other – it wasn’t even a physical fight.

“Mandi scratched my neck and it was bleeding a tiny bit. It was the tiniest little scratch, and the worst part of this is, that I called the police! We were handcuffed and put into a police van outside The Dorchester.”

Speaking about when the police arrived, Mandi added: “When the feds came Anna was like a proper snitch crying. She shouted: ‘It was her! Look what she’s done to my neck!’”

Before Anna then shared: “I never thought in a million years that we’d get arrested. And once they put the handcuffs on I yelled, ‘I lied – it wasn’t her!’

“I was so stubborn – they offered me clothing and I refused to take it, and I was shivering the whole night. I was banging on the doors shouting, ‘You can’t do this!’”

She continued, The next morning during my video interview, I told them I would sue them, and that she was my sister. I was saying, ‘have you never had a fight with your sister? I love my sister more than anything in this world.’”


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