Love Island’s Anton Danyluk Opens Up About Horrific Car Crash That Almost Took His Life

"You have to have eyes in the back of your head"


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Ex- Love Islander Anton Danyluk has shared the terrifying details of a car crash he was involved in, so serious that it almost claimed his life.

Sharing that he’s ‘lucky to be alive’ Anton took to his Instagram stories to recall the details of the crash with his 1 million followers. Posting a picture of his smashed up rental car, he wrote:

“Those who drive in Dubai will know the drivers are mad out here always rushing about. You have to have eyes in the back of your head”

“Feeling blessed to be alive after this last night” he added.

Later coming back onto his Instagram stories he assured fans that he was okay after the accident, if just a little shaken up.

“I’m absolutely fine. The guys who drive in Dubai are just always in a rush to get places”

“Basically last night a bus came across me and he braked hard because he went over a speedbump and then I sort of went into the back of him”

“I don’t know how I’m okay. Air bags are obviously a good thing”

Anton is currently training to compete in his first bodybuilding competition next month, and so despite the crash he was back to the gym the following day to continue with his rigorous schedule.

“We move, obviously the car’s damaged but it’s only rental anyway so it doesn’t really matter, well it wouldn’t matter anyway because the main thing is that I’m okay” he added.



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