Love Island’s Rachel Finni Reveals Picking Brad Over Chuggs Was A Mistake

As well as who she thinks will last in the villa and who's playing games.

Last night we finally saw the recoupling that seemed to be teased for at least two episodes. The latest Islander, Teddy, was left to choose between Faye and Rachel to couple up with. We waited patiently for him to make his decision, which ultimately left Rachel to be dumped from the villa.

Since her departure, Rachel has been dishing the goss on the inside, who she thinks will go the distance, who’s playing games and whether she feels as if she made any mistakes during her time on Love Island.

Describing her time in the villa as a whole, Rachel revealed it was just like a rollercoaster. “Rollercoaster from beginning to end. You get highs and lows, the thrills, the sad moments. The entire experience, both good and bad, is absolutely wonderful. It was up and down, round and round, but the second it ends you want to do it all over again. Rollercoaster is the best word to describe it.”

We know that Rachel had the option of coupling up with either Brad or Chuggs when she first arrived, but if she had the choice to couple up with anyone? “My top three were Aaron, Toby and Hugo. I wasn’t really attracted to Hugo in the end but he’s such a gentleman. It would never have worked out with Toby, he was like my little brother. With Aaron, I don’t think I’m his type. But I loved talking to him.”

Although when asked if she thinks she made any mistakes, Rachel revealed that she should have picked Brad over Chuggs. “I would have picked Chuggs over Brad. Knowing what I know now. You have to graft to stay in there. I was stupid enough to fall for Brad’s graft, because it wasn’t genuine. The day after we coupled, he told me to get to know other people. He wasn’t interested. The second I picked him, he went off to his friends and said ‘I was gutted I wasn’t going to see you.’ Chuggs would have actually made the effort to get to know me. I went for Brad because he was more physically attractive.”

Having been around all of the couples, we’re all pretty eager to know who Rachel thinks will go the distance, and who’s playing games. “As a couple at this point, Jake and Liberty. They’ve been together from day one, their chemistry is undeniable.”

As for is she thinks there’s anyone playing a game? “Right now, no, but they are all definitely capable. The last two days people are starting to do things that didn’t match their personality when they went in.”

Love Island continues tomorrow at 9pm on Virgin Media One and Virgin Media Player.