Love Island’s Uma Explains Why She Left With Wil

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Love Island’s Uma has gone into more detail about why she left the villa with Wil following a shock dumping.

How does it feel to be leaving the Love Island Villa?

It’s a bittersweet feeling, I made such amazing friendships in the Villa that it started to feel like home but I’m happy to be leaving as I wouldn’t have wanted to stay and not be genuine to myself and my feelings for Wil.

You initially explored a connection with Ayo, what was it about that connection that meant things didn’t progress?

I was confused by what Ayo wanted with me, when I came in I wasn’t aware of how deep his connection was with Mimii but he still pursued me. After a while he was just doing things that I didn’t rate when he was kissing her in bed ,so I just didn’t want to be a part of that situation anymore.

Mimii is such an incredible girl and what they had was special so I just wanted to remove myself from the situation before it got messy.

You chose to leave the Villa with Wil, tell us about your connection and journey with him?

When Wil walked in I instantly felt a connection with him, he was all in for me which I really liked, and it was refreshing off the back of the Ayo situation. Once Wil took me to the other Villa for an overnight stay something clicked and I felt a special spark in that moment which made me realise he was the person for me.

That’s why I found Casa hard for me as it made me miss Wil more.  I feel so comfortable and happy around him. Seeing him waiting for me after Casa was such a special feeling, I know we’ve had our challenges but it’s made us stronger than ever. He’s my blueberry.

How was The Love Island Film Festival for you following Wil’s antics during Casa Amor?

Movie Night was what I anticipated it to be but you never believe something until you see it. Seeing it air in front of everyone was shocking and I never actually knew what Wil said about Jessy which came as a surprise. I was embarrassed, instead of Wil piping up I wish he just understood what he did was wrong which was why I kept telling him to shut up.

Why did you choose to leave with Wil?

I knew where my head and heart was at so I wanted to be true to my feelings for him.

Who are you backing to win?

Sean and Matilda are my good friends and their connection is so genuine. I also back Ciaran and Nicole, they have something really special going on, they really do love each other. Both of those couples bounce off each other so well, they really compliment each other.

What’s next for you and Wil?

We can’t wait to just do normal things on the outside, stay inside and have a takeaway and go on cute dates. Wil wants to take me to Whitley Bay to see where he’s from, but we’ve also discussed him possibly moving to London so I’m looking forward to the future with him. The only way is up from here.

How would you summarise your Love Island experience?

My Love Island experience was the most fun, a once in a lifetime experience which couldn’t have been more perfect, I wouldn’t change a thing.

Love Island continues tonight on Virgin Media 2 at 9pm.

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