Luca And Gemma Seem To Have A Disagreement As Couple Leave Love Island Reunion Early

Will all the drama make the final cut when we sit in to watch the reunion show this weekend?


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While Love Island may no longer be on our screens, it seems the drama of this year’s season has continued beyond the villa.

Following the filming of the show’s reunion episode last night, it seems Gemma Owen and Luca Bish might have been at odds as they reportedly left the event early. 

The couple were spotted looking less than enamoured with each other as they returned to their hotel after the event.

The pair seemed to be in better spirits earlier in the evening, with Luca complimenting Gemma’s slicked back pony  in a video she shared of the two on their way to the event. 


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But things seemed to take a turn later in the night, with 23-year-old fishmonger Luca even confirming tension between the couple when he replied to a photographer’s remark by saying “Oh don’t mate, she’s got the right hump with me”.
It seems tensions were also high during the filming of the episode itself, with reports of a row breaking out between Coco Lodge and Summer Botwe. One fan tweeted saying ‘Just been at the #LoveIsland reunion episode filming, very heated exchange between coco and summer production had to step in and close it down.”

Fan’s reckon that the argument broke out after Coco made some comments about fellow Islander and Summer’s current beau, Josh Le Grove, on the Saving Grace Podcast.

Coco spoke on the podcast about spending time with Josh after they left the villa together. When podcast host Grace asked Coco if she had slept with Josh, Coco replied “’No and I’m actually annoyed because I feel like I could have now. Talking to him now after I’m like I feel like it could have happened.”

Summer confirmed a romance between herself and 22-year-old Josh earlier this week while appearing on ITV’s Lorraine. 

The Love Island reunion show will air on Sunday 7th August, and we can’t wait to see what drama it has in store for us!

Words by Ellen Glynn

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