Made In Chelsea’s Sam Admits He’s ‘Completely Out’ Of A Relationship With Zara

It all kicked off on the latest episode of the hit reality TV show.


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Sam Thompson has put the nail in the coffin on his relationship with Zara McDermott in the latest episode of Made In Chelsea, which aired on Monday night.

Explaining that he’s suffering from a battle between what his head wants and what his heart wants in the weeks following the cheating revelations, Sam admitted that he had to follow his head and call it a day on the relationship.

While speaking to his friend Reza, who delivered a letter to Sam from Zara explaining how sorry she was, Sam revealed that he has thought about how they could work through this as a couple, but unfortunately, has found no solution.


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Then, asking Reza to deliver the tough news that it’s over between him and Zara, Reza and his girlfriend meet Zara to tell her Sam’s final decision.

“He’s completely out,” explains Reza to Zara who is already in floods of tears, explaining that she wishes Sam could of told her himself, but Reza replies saying it’s too hard for him to see her cry.

Since the show filmed during the summer, Zara posted a video to her Instagram account titled “to the love of my life”, showcasing all her fun memories with ex boyfriend, Sam Thompson. And although Sam didn’t respond to the video publicly, his sister Louise did saying the clips had her in floods of tears.


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In terms of the relationship status of Sam and Zara currently, it’s unsure to say. Zara still posts photos of the pair on her Instagram account, admitting that she will do “everything she can” to make it work, while Sam still hasn’t said anything on that front. The pair also still follow each other on social media (a good sign in celeb world), so, the chances are things could be on the mend since MIC was filmed.


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