Major Changes For Selling Sunset As Next Season Will Feature Christine Quinn As A Rival Real Estate Agent

Selling Sunset: Battle of the Brokerages


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Selling Sunset’s season five finale left us with plenty of questions, mainly would Christine Quinn be returning for another series? When it was announced she had established her own real estate agency and left The Oppenheim Group, it seemed like the sun had set on Christine’s time on the show.

But we finally have an update on the star’s future and it seems she will be returning to Selling Sunset.

Christine was chatting to E! News and hinted she would be back on our screens, although the dynamic will probably be different.

When asked if her leaving the group meant she was getting her own show, the real estate agent explained, “Well, it means we might have to get a little creative, you know when it comes to the new season. Because you know it’s going to be like a battle of the brokerages.”

“So it’ll be fun”


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A source close to the group confirmed she had left the company to US Weekly, explaining, “It was Christine’s decision to leave the Oppenheim Group.”

Christine’s bio has been removed from the groups website and so has her work history page. Although her image is still featured as part of a group picture on the website’s ‘Our Team’ banner.

Rumours of Christine’s exit began after season five of Selling Sunset premiered.

In episode nine of the fifth season, Christine spoke to Chelsea about wanting to leave the group.

Saying, “I’m just kind of thinking these days. I’m not desperate for a job. I’m intelligent, I can start my own brokerage. I can be a broker. I mean if Davina can do it, I can do it! I want to work for myself – be my own independent boss.”

Then only a couple of days later, Christine announced she was starting her own brokerage RealOpen.

RealOpen is a unique real estate company which specialises in property sales through cryptocurrencies. According to Forbes the company, “allows anyone, anywhere to purchase or sell a home via crypto, in a time when many brokerages and agents might shy away from the process. It’s the first company of its kind.”

Christine started the venture with her tech entrepreneur husband Christian, and said, ” “It took over a year of hard work and tenacity to create this platform and patent-pending technology to revolutionize the housing market.”

Bring on the battle of the brokerages.


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