Make Space In The Living Room, Westlife Want You To Learn One Of Their Routines

We're howling at this idea yet, totally up for doing it!

Could you be Westlife’s fifth member? Think you have what it takes to make the band whole again?

Well, sadly for you – no, they’re not hiring but, in order to banish the quarantine boredom, the boys want you to learn the moves to one of their routines and show them what you’ve got by tweeting the vid.

Sharing the idea on Twitter, Mark Feehily put out the request, challenging fans to see what they’ve got.

“Hi all. Just for fun why don’t you all try to learn this dance routine & tweet me & @westlifemusic your videos of you doing it.”

Continuing he added that it will be “short, easy and fun”

So far the video has over 1,000 likes with hundreds of people sharing their routines and tagging friends to give it a go.

I mean, it’s certainly one way to get spotted by the boys and you never know, if they like what they see you could be the next big thing!

Now, to learn the steps and a 1, 2, 1, 2, 3.


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