Mariah Carey Launches Irish Cream Liqueur Brand Titled ‘Black Irish’

The brand's name is a nod to her biracial background.


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Mariah Carey has released her own range of Irish cream liqueurs.

The alcoholic drinks, coming in a variety of three flavours, original, white chocolate and salted caramel, state that they’re a ’cause for celebration’ – lyrics from Mariah’s 2005 hit Its Like That – and crafted in Ireland.

The name Black Irish comes from Mariah’s biracial heritage, giving a nod to her family in the title.

Mariah’s grandparents are originally from Co Cork and her father is Black Venezuelan, paying tribute to both sides.

In her memoir, The Meaning of Mariah Carey, the singer spoke about how she found it difficult to fit in growing up as a biracial Irish-American in New York.

Mariah admitted that she found it hard to find a place where she felt comfortable and accepted, growing up mixed race.

“My father identified as a black man. No one asked him because he was clearly black. But people always ask me,” the 51-year-old previously told The Guardian.

“As a little girl, I had blonde hair and they’d look at me, look at him, and be disgusted,” she continued.


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Born and raised in the USA, Mariah described her mother as “a rebel” and “so Irish”. Mariah’s mother, Patricia Hickey was an opera singer and vocal coach who was born to parents who came to America from Co Cork.

This new brand, created by Mariah is a nod to all those mentioned above and to herself, for finding and realising the power, belonging and strength in who she is.

We sure can’t wait to try these out. They’ll be a Christmas must-have for sure.


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