Matt Cardle Says Twitter DM Flirting With Meghan Markle Was ‘Absolutely Nothing’

He spoke about it for the first time since the story emerged.

Matt Cardle is being very careful what he says about his brief flirtation with Meghan Markle.

In May it emerged that things could have been very different for the Duchess of Sussex.

Apparently, Meghan slid into Matt’s DMs on Twitter in 2015 because she was impressed by the X factor winner’s talent.

“Matt followed Meghan initially in early 2015 because he thought she was a beautiful star from Suits,” a source reportedly told The Sun last month.

“But he was stunned when she followed him immediately back and started messaging him. She said she was a big fan of his work.”

The pair chatted on twitter for a little while before the former Suits actress allegedly asked to meet up.

“Matt couldn’t believe a Hollywood star like Meghan would even know who he was so he was very flattered and they chatted a little bit online before she suggested meeting up,” the source said.


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However, Matt had just started seeing Amber Hernaman at the time, who he is still with now, and so he never replied to poor Meghan.

“But then he met his girlfriend and knew it wasn’t appropriate to keep talking to Meghan so he ended up ghosting her.

“It felt like there could have been a connection but the timing was wrong. He didn’t reply to her last message.”

As well all know, things have worked out perfectly for both parties, but what could have been!

Matt spoke out about the story for the first time this week on Lorraine, but was very cautious in his comments.

“It was so little then if not nothing. It’s nothing now,” he stressed.

“It was nothing. It was absolutely nothing, it’s funny what can be made of nothing nowadays,” he insisted.

He’s not letting anything be added to the Meghan story…


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